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 John Baccarella Owner/Sales x202
 Clara Baccarella Owner/Accounting x203
 Elizabeth VandenAkker Office Manager x206
 Carrie Warlick Sales Assistant x207
 Nancy Jones Certificates of Insurance x201

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I feel a lot more secure now that I understand how my liability insurance works, after reading the 7 Deadly Sins I actually understand the coverage I needed for my business, not what my other agent thought I should have…And I sleep a lot better at night.

Robert Sherman, Sacramento

Hi, John. I read your report and found out I was violating 2 of the 7 deadly sins. After talking to my old agent about it I was angry because of the situation I was in and for spending $9,000 more for my insurance than I had to last year. Thank you for staying on top of things and saving me a pile of money

Joel Fischer, Los Angeles

After reading your report we knew there was a lot more to general liability insurance we did not know. A ten minute phone call with you saved us $13,000. Can’t thank you enough.

Bob Scanlan , San Diego

I called you in the morning, my certificates were faxed out of your office by noon the same day…Great Price and Service. Thank You.

John Louderbeck, Los Angeles