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Our Agency has helped hundreds of California clients find the lowest rates available and the best insurance plans to protect their contracting businesses, and families for decades. Let us do the same for YOU!

We’ve earned our reputation by giving Special Attention to our clients’ needs. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses, families, and industries simplify their side when they needed us. We work for you. We call that… Quality Service!

We write all types of insurance with many of the nation’s leading insurance companies that are financially strong, offer up-to-date protection at competitive prices, and have a long history of excellent claims service. We call that… Quality Service!

Is your insurance up to par? Before you renew elsewhere – Check us out! You may want a second opinion on your present coverage – or just want to change agents.

Our office includes a state-of-the-art computer system for policy services, and comparative computer rating service so that instant rate comparisons can be made of the country's finest insurance companies. Please look at our special insurance programs above, and remember... "All of Our Insurance Policies Come With An Agent!" 

As an independent agency, we are dedicated to serving you. We represent several leading insurance companies rather than any single provider. Therefore, we have the ability to continually monitor the marketplace and offer you the best possible rates. Our goal is to provide you the highest level of customer service and dedicate our resources to meet your needs and earn your trust. Our success is based on your continued satisfaction.

We invite you to contact our office at the address and phone numbers below. We guarantee your needs will be addressed, phone calls returned, and coverage issues responded to, and claim matters will be addressed promptly!

Please feel free to call our quote line for immediate assistance at:

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Our Satisfied Clients
Say it Best! 

I feel a lot more secure now that I understand how my liability insurance works, after reading the 7 Deadly Sins I actually understand the coverage I needed for my business, not what my other agent thought I should have…And I sleep a lot better at night.

Robert Sherman, Sacramento

Hi, John. I read your report and found out I was violating 2 of the 7 deadly sins. After talking to my old agent about it I was angry because of the situation I was in and for spending $9,000 more for my insurance than I had to last year. Thank you for staying on top of things and saving me a pile of money

Joel Fischer, Los Angeles

After reading your report we knew there was a lot more to general liability insurance we did not know. A ten minute phone call with you saved us $13,000. Can’t thank you enough.

Bob Scanlan , San Diego

I called you in the morning, my certificates were faxed out of your office by noon the same day…Great Price and Service. Thank You.

John Louderbeck, Los Angeles